065: Casey Wright | Trust: Your Company’s Most Important Resource

This episode is about TRUST (as a continuation of the previous episode) which is the most important resource you can have and that doesn’t cost a thing. Casey is breaking down the concept of trust so it is tangible and easy to understand.


Listen to this episode to understand how to build trust and see how everything else in your company is propelled forward!


Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Trust is a priority.

[3:41] Trust is choosing to make something that is important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.

[4:55] Brené Brown in her book The Anatomy of Trust resumes in the acronym BRAVING the main components of trust.

[6:54] B: Boundaries

[9:46] R: Reliability

[11:21] A: Accountability

[12:51] V: Volt

[15:42] I: Integrity

[16:15] N: Non-judgement

[17:04] G: Generosity

[19:08] Stay tuned for the upcoming webinar: 2020 Improve the Quality of Your Life.


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The Anatomy of Trust, Brené Brown

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