The Sports Entrepreneur with Casey Wright

The sports entrepreneur

In the cut-throat world of sports entrepreneurship, The Sports Entrepreneur podcast gives you the insights, tactics, and know-how to create a profitable sports business. Through conversations with other sports entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and thought leaders, you will learn what it takes to turn a passion of sports into your livelihood. Casey leads her listeners into the business of sports to uncover what it takes to be successful in creating, building, and expanding a sports-centric company. This show takes the sports-minded to the next level to become the sports entrepreneurs they want to be.


If you want to leave a legacy for your family, turn your expertise into a system, grow your current company, learn the business of sports, or simply listen to successful entrepreneurs share their insights, then this podcast is for you. If you like The School of Greatness with Lewis Howe, Chasing Glory, The Side Hustle Show, The Business of Sports, or Entrepreneur Hearings with Gary Vanyerchuck, you’ll love The Sports Entrepreneur.


Casey Wright is an entrepreneur and changemaker dedicated to providing early positive experiences to children all over the world. In 2015, Wright founded NinjaZone, a fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and parkour, for children ages walking to 13. Committed to changing the face of youth athletics, Wright created a curriculum focused on character and movement pillars designed to build confidence in young children. In just a short time, NinjaZone has taken off. With over 80,000 Ninjas in 300+  locations, in 42 states, on 4 continents, it’s one of the fastest growing youth sports this decade and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

In addition to founding and leading NinjaZone, Wright is CEO of six gymnastics gyms in the greater Indianapolis area, beginning over 20 years ago. Additionally, Wright leads a number of philanthropic endeavors including grants for local schools based on economic need and community-based charity work through the “Ninjas Give Back” corporate initiative.

Casey Wright

Through the evolution of NinjaZone, Casey has led her team to develop a system that is changing the lives of children daily. Now in over 300 locations throughout the world, NinjaZone is offering kids a safe place to be themselves, make mistakes, and learn how their bodies move. Pushing the limits of a startup, Casey challenges her employees to think outside the box, learn from errors, and never stop dreaming. Casey and her staff are prepared to take the world by storm, transform the lives of children, and turn their energy into ambition…one awesome kid at a time.

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