Dr. Rob Bell | No One Gets There Alone

Episode 16Today Casey gets to sit down with Dr. Rob Bell, a mental toughness coach who has worked with champions from the PGA Tour to the University of Notre Dame to the Indy Eleven professional soccer team. Rob has written six books on sports psychology and delivered keynote addresses for the NFL, Marriott, and Walgreens. On this episode of The Sports Entrepreneur we talk about how often, in life and in business, you get what you give.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A better “us” makes a better “you” and a better “you” makes a better “us” — and you truly get what you give. The only way that we get pushed forward is when the others are around us are trying to do what we’re trying to do, and “my success” becomes “our success.” When the culture of a business turns to a team rooting for each other’s successes is when you really start to win.
  2. Every person that you meet could be the most important person that you meet. Every practice that we do every day could be the one that actually turns a corner. You never know when the hinge moments are coming, so continue to work as if it’s coming around the next turn.
  3. As coaches we work in the business of planting trees. We’re never going to see, and we often have no idea,  the long term impact we make on somebody’s life simply by just telling them how much we believe in them or what a great job that they do.


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