Lisa Mitzel | Focused, Inspired, and On Fire

On today’s episode, Casey sits down with Lisa Mitzel. Lisa is an Author, Speaker, Mental Training Coach, and Educator, who has written two books: “Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World” and “Focused and On Fire: The Athlete’s Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt.” Lisa was a two-time Jr Olympic National Champion in gymnastics at age 15, an NCAA 6-Time All-American, NCAA National Champion on Floor, and was a member of 4 consecutive NCAA National Championship Teams at the University of Utah.  She coached at the University of Stanford, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Writing, and is published in Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology. And most importantly, she is a mom to three children. So she and Casey have a lot in common, and a lot to talk about.

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